Public Documents for
the FOSS User Group in Natick, Massachusetts

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NatickFOSS Business Card 2013 Algot Runeman Inkscape
NatickFOSS Logo, etc. 2015 Algot Runeman Inkscape
NatickFOSS Poster 2012-05-01 A. Richard Miller Inkscape
NatickFOSS Splash Screen for "SeniorLinux" computer 2012-05-25 A. Richard Miller Fotoxx

NatickFOSS Business Card
(Ask for some at the next meeting)
business card front

  NatickFOSS Business Card

  business card front

image: Logo Natick FOSS
Logo for the group - ask for a sticker for your computer!

Another version of a Web site button. More like the standard Web site "button" design.
Right click and "Save As" for this image will give you the PNG version 300px wide
Left click will give you the SVG image for the whole "page" and "Save page" will download the SVG.
button: choose FOSS This button is for use on a Web site.
It could also be made into an actual physical button or sticker to wear at your next meeting.
This button is also for use on a Web site, but might also be a button to make physically to wear around town.

NatickFOSS Poster
(download this US-Letter size PNG to print and share)

QR-Code for Quick Scan
a PDF Sign (US Letter PDF)
QR-Code Sign

NatickFOSS Splash Screen for "SeniorLinux" computer